How To Claim Your Listing

6 Easy Steps To Claim Your Listing

You're just a few steps away from taking full control of your profile and updating your information, adding courses, special offers, and publishing articles. Best of all, this is completely free!

Step 1 - Click on "Claim Listing". The first step is to go to your  profile page. On your profile page, click on the "Claim Listing" link. Here is an example of where to find the Claim link on your page: 


Step 2 - Select Free Plan There are three plans available for you to choose from. Select the Free Option if you would like to have a free account with us:


Step 3 - Create your account login and passowrd. Why you may ask: so you can come back anytime to update your profile or and great information, articles, videos, post jobs, and licensing informaiton.

Step 4 - You have recieved an email confirming your account with Natural Health Answers. We recommend that you confirm your registration and proceed to complete your profile from the email confirmation link rather than the landing page below.  PLEASE CHECK your Social, Promotions and Spam areas of your email accounts for this email since we have no control over how the email will be received. You can proceed to complete you profile from the Create Profile Now button below, however YOU MUST STILL CONFIRM YOUR REGISTRATION EMAIL TO COMPLETE CLAIMING YOUR LISTING, SO WE HIGHLY SUGGEST PROCEEDING TO STEP 5 NOW.

Step 5 - Find the email confirming your registration.  Open the email and CLICK on the link to VERIFY YOUR EMAIL AND TO ACTIVATE YOUR REGITRATION.

Step 6 - Upon clicking on the confirm listing link in Step 5 you will be confirming and activating your listing and will be directed to the page where you can complete your Natural Health Answers Profile.  We suggest that you be thorough and provide as much information as possible including images of your licensing information, since people will we be searching or you and trying to make a decision to contact you via our directory.  Congratulations on becoming part of the #1 Directory for Natural Health Professionals.   If you have any questions durring this process please do not hesitate to contact us via the Chat Option located at the bottom of the screen or give us a call.